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Case Study: Chuze Fitness

About Chuze Fitness

Chuze Fitness was started in Carlsbad, CA in 2008. Locally & family owned and operated, Chuze Fitness has a passion for providing a beautiful facility with great service at an unbelievable value. Chuze Fitness currently has 19 clubs with more locations coming soon!

Value Engineered Lighting Project by Solterra

Savings achieved with Value Engineered Lighting Package vs. Spec = 12% of the total project

Size of Lighting Schedule = 23 different light fixtures SKU’s

Size of Facility: 19,000 Sq. Ft. - common areas and exterior site lighting

Fixture Release Schedule: 2 Phases over 1 year from start to finish

““We consider the Solterra Lighting Team, to be one of the Best Lighting Teams in San Diego. Their Knowledge and Attitudes are way beyond the norm. Solterra Lighting is a well Organized Company. Always a pleasure to work with Solterra’s Team!”

Joman Corig

Vice President, Safeway Electric, Inc.

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